Friday 11 April 2014

My tone's dead...yadav prashanth

A fake smile..I show YOu.
Your shadow is on my each dream
Still why my heart is so much lonely
I´ve voice, I can talk and I can shout
Still why silence is so much close to
Me and to each heartbeats of mine,
My tone´s death as my wounds pain
My tears can´t explain how I´m lost
I feel sorry for my heartbeats which
Are became so much lifeless in love
You can´t ever even guess how I´m
& how much pain there´s in your love..

I asked the stars...and the Godly Moon
So to send the angel into my dreams once for a second..
Care not they thought...
You my angel...
I Better bow my head to you...
To recognize my desperate heart..along with it's beat...
It skips every second you speak a ghost..

As an evil i dare not to vanish you from my sleep...
So there I kept dreaming all the days .

I ahte me...By yadav prashanth

I hate the fact when I get upset
I look at up at the sky and ask
Can you bless me her, as a present...

Out from this world I´ll be there
World beyond this unfair world
Yes, I´ll always be in that world
Where is no ideas of well doing
Wrong and right is something,,
Else, yes, there is a beautiful world of my dreams ..
I´ll be waiting for you right there behind my dream..
There, where´s a fully field of you ..smiling like flowers
Where my silence will break up
There my soul will live
I know just there is a world of me to be with you..
Where our love´ll wake & grow
Right there I´ll meet you my love.....

Distance it's only a day..I..a ... ask god...To give me day..
To fly off to you....But....God asked me to stay...
To stay...where i am ..away
There in your silence I breathe...
So it's your heart from now on...

I hate the fact when I get upset
I look at up at the sky and ask
Can you bless me her, as a present...
Just for a while? I miss her a lot..!!

Thursday 10 April 2014

I see yadav prashanth

I was searching me in the ashes.....
And found me shining as gold in your Hearts every single corner
As life, Vibrating breathe...
I thought I was burning as fire but
I look, I was, I was shining in you
After losing everything I attained
Myself in your eyes, in you heart
I felt me in your words I´m in you.....
So, shall I be in you forever...

You feel me as pain
But I feel you as a smile as
Breaths, as yourself in yourself...

I attained heaven when my fortune
Turned me against all those fire...
Why should I fire, when I´ve you
When I know you can forget me
Distance can´t make distance
I will love you more then forever
By touching my soul you made
The distance go long away from
Our reach, from our destination
By falling in the abode of love...
My heart received peace in love

Though cannot I see you...
I wait for you at every unseen moment...

Forever yours
SPY. yadav prashanth

Every  threat shall forget it's purpose,
If you are enough strong at your will
To supervise the steps of ladder to superior level.
Will a wish snd root it deep,
Care not any applause or  pause ,or any delivered hinderence,
Only dream in you shall burnn for thousands of years,Glowing bright.
Make a journey to peak and unique one,
So that none has suffered as you did this one last time.
Plot a plan ,so that enemy  breached of every drop of blood.
You hunger of kingship ,
Make your dream come true.

Isn't  far the day,
The day,that lanthern on street shall light your way ,
In empty  cimmerian way,
Ploughing it's own life for you ,as a deed of honour.
Isn't far the  Time ,
The time, that  you  dress fancifull to pulbish your grandeur.
Shall be Granted  by god.
All you need to pretend uncivilized,
And stand away distant enough ,from your wants,
Till and untill your aim satifies..

Make habituated to win,
With which every second spent wise.
Don't run into things you cannot afford .
As the poorness ,that colour of every nation,
Spreded as a disease ,from each year that world can't afford.
When you are victorious,
The floods of rivers , like the out break of revolt ,
That bleaches every shore pale without a single penny to  spare.
Will forget  own name ,to flash at and stays behind,
When you pass over the bridge of difficulties.
By your great  faith on God .

Walk miles,just not to run wrong direction,
Be a guard to the future missile.
Nothing can be gained ,in the way without pain.
The greatest example you shall never exile.


The present..............

A present , a gift  is a desperate desire to delight TRUTH IN YOU.
There clearness is cute, rich to confuse unwantedness.
Hire a messenger ,even hug him,
As he brings in some exult thoughts from other hearts for  you.
And  reply him with caring words ,IN SUCH A WAY,
So the letter is filled with concern for sorrow,
Fireworks as happy moments shall be blast into up sky,in  answer.
As a present  of festive  mood and shall not lack your honesty.
Shook  generous ego ,
Off the shoulders upto last breathe.
A win is not on oppenent ,
But on reasons led you to contend a fight.
Compel  puzzled selfish taste away ,
To excel the joy. is the present you give to self.

Every tune in us either wrong or right ,
Given,shall be acceptable in hUmble.
Bare this accusation  strive to win, is the sole reason we  born.
 As a bee of honey ,
Cursed of theft  of elixir from blossoms is not a convict.
And wishfull magical present of nature .

Though a lot fun ,not noted.
Shall not emphasize  towards unillumination of rejoice that has lived.
As clear as fresh face of a  self leess nomad
Shall be your thoughts, dull and clear.
Similar to moon's glow on a No moon Day
Is the presnt to the humans, a thorne tense relief.

But soon ,these little things,
The times we laugh whole heartedly.
Cannot be forgotten for entire life.
When walked with stick not much distance but enough far ,Old.
Have costed much to recall the memories of monuments built in past.
Every step we pass by ,we shall see a present of past.
Does not know when this lightless morning ends,
But knew for sure ,it reaches holyness and truth , after eclipse.
As toes  felt gloomy shade
After  walking in tormented way of  testification in sands.
An Oasis is the presnt of hope.
Walking on the shores of decisions,
You shall be a present yourself,
Just a sa messenger and a sparrow, rejoice for your own work.

I'm different.....

I am such accoustic,
Similar to the showers of rain,
Eager to touch the heart of coloured blossom,
For the scent to attain  the feel.

I am such strange,
Same as the unpredicted path of an arrow launched .
Cannot define,unless it hit destiny.

I was so foolish,
Same as the root of a plant.
Responsible for the glorius establishment of leaves into world.
But hidden deep inside ,by covering the layer of land.
As I struggled, the entire path,
I hardly forgot the times I laugh.
So me memoreis ,I fuled with great empires ruled by role models.
I found no time to write other lines,
So I wish to stop this down.


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A light..By yadav prashanth

A shrine amidst of devoid  desert is worth a life,
For the dying.
Choose a shephered for heaps of memories in you .
To safeguard from up rising storms.
Stare at every clink of coin tossed high,
Withought any  temporental perceptions.
Cut loose the anchors,that bind your tears with past.
Row into the sea of happiness and joy ,escaping liniency of life.
It is all despair causing betrayael to self.
Unstow every accord,into the sea of thoughts,
To defy the depth of phrases left unwritten,
At which you were warned alertness.

All the saples and  shrubs,digest the twinkle of soil,
Not just to survive but to eestablish their presence.
So , you a seed sown ,to replenish,
Into a very tenderly plant.
You were born to see warmish shine,
So you are aboard onto the surface of land to feel alive.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

A love story of a star And the Mighty MOON

I woke up as usual into a dream...
Came the angel took me up....up in towards the dark sky..
Soon as It was very high..
I saw only one star.......
I asked her, Why only
She replied other stars haven't born...

The reason I asked...?

You got many questions..She smiled..

I was confused....only one star?

I went near up to that star and asked..
Why are you alone?
Waiting for the Moon....It replied.
From how many days..? I asked again.
From two centuries...!! It replied..

I stood startled...

What made the star to wait so....
The shine of the moon....Angel replied..

Not love ...just the shine....i laughed.
You cannot wait just for shine whole your life....I said to the star..

I deserve only the shine...told the star..with sorrow filled eyes

And why today the Moon has not showed up...?I asked...
To angel..don't know she replied..

Angel was afraid because it was a no moon day...

The star waited waited....and waited Just for the shine...

The shine that makes itself glow brighter ,
The shine that makes it happy...
Just for the shine..

I teared my eyes , because the star is going to break it's heart.
Then The night went off...

I returned to my exhausting world....

And I again dreamed.....

But when i woke up...there were thousands of stars in the sky..
I smiled..But angel wasn't there....
The star broke up Into thousands , lakhs and innumerable pieces ...
So that it wanted all the shine from the moon...
For it kept dying and birthing Just For The Shine...

The void it left in the open space with it's death became the Black hole itself.....

I looked up into the sky....clod breeze moving around...
Waiting for take into dreams once more..
But she wasn't there...Testing me...

I promised my self...I shall wait not days..not years , not decades , not centuries..
I will be waiting eons ..for you....
I smiled at god..
your name on my hand still shines brightly angel.

The lost path..By yadav prashanth

Did I  unveil, the way to walk into  my heart ?
Who escorted you into  enormously  small world of mine..?
Constraining me into bitter past..
You curled my dreams ,with your fingertips.
This classified calmness away from you,
Addled my surroundings.
To think of you and your smile is like a curse now..finding heavens.
Where are you ..?
Away from the sight so that,the eyes awaiting you flamed into tears.

Every morning angel through this window...
Flows in the air,
Which cannot make to speak nothing else except you..
Circling birds singing sweetness,speak of you every second,as I hear so.
Waking a smile on my face,
An eminent seen I could not explain.