Thursday, 10 April 2014

A light..By yadav prashanth

A shrine amidst of devoid  desert is worth a life,
For the dying.
Choose a shephered for heaps of memories in you .
To safeguard from up rising storms.
Stare at every clink of coin tossed high,
Withought any  temporental perceptions.
Cut loose the anchors,that bind your tears with past.
Row into the sea of happiness and joy ,escaping liniency of life.
It is all despair causing betrayael to self.
Unstow every accord,into the sea of thoughts,
To defy the depth of phrases left unwritten,
At which you were warned alertness.

All the saples and  shrubs,digest the twinkle of soil,
Not just to survive but to eestablish their presence.
So , you a seed sown ,to replenish,
Into a very tenderly plant.
You were born to see warmish shine,
So you are aboard onto the surface of land to feel alive.

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