Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The lost path..By yadav prashanth

Did I  unveil, the way to walk into  my heart ?
Who escorted you into  enormously  small world of mine..?
Constraining me into bitter past..
You curled my dreams ,with your fingertips.
This classified calmness away from you,
Addled my surroundings.
To think of you and your smile is like a curse now..finding heavens.
Where are you ..?
Away from the sight so that,the eyes awaiting you flamed into tears.

Every morning angel through this window...
Flows in the air,
Which cannot make to speak nothing else except you..
Circling birds singing sweetness,speak of you every second,as I hear so.
Waking a smile on my face,
An eminent seen I could not explain.

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