Friday, 11 April 2014

My tone's dead...yadav prashanth

A fake smile..I show YOu.
Your shadow is on my each dream
Still why my heart is so much lonely
I´ve voice, I can talk and I can shout
Still why silence is so much close to
Me and to each heartbeats of mine,
My tone´s death as my wounds pain
My tears can´t explain how I´m lost
I feel sorry for my heartbeats which
Are became so much lifeless in love
You can´t ever even guess how I´m
& how much pain there´s in your love..

I asked the stars...and the Godly Moon
So to send the angel into my dreams once for a second..
Care not they thought...
You my angel...
I Better bow my head to you...
To recognize my desperate heart..along with it's beat...
It skips every second you speak a ghost..

As an evil i dare not to vanish you from my sleep...
So there I kept dreaming all the days .

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