Saturday, 21 July 2012


Dear heART,
What would you be earning ,when You choKe Yourself ?
Why would you cry for decuiling girl and harrazing relation ?
What will you be Owning,
At the time when your strings drop off ?
Why do you roar  in greif for Something that is Nothing ?
You  haven't seen the World Outside.
And it is seen  enough selfish.
Only me that could understand you..,That how you Die on Her..

So break my Breathe,and I am not selfish to set you freee...
Here after you can be her's for Ever..........


The walls of road ,shall be honoured
Souls of pain reach to decree the Vengeance
Soon, very  soon...
It might be punished,YOur sin.

But cannot the past is that would suffer
May not the future is Paused at the storm break.
All is harmed is  the presence to Arose my people...
As the breeze of blood wasn't listed in the Flavour of Hunting.
It was the scent of Jest..
Fasten the every light in your path,
So the warriors are brightened with the golden Gesture  of Lanthern.
They come YOu the  whole as they bring you the soul.of Mother's GLory..

Long LIve warriors !
 AS the History Starves for YOu to encript Itself, 
WIth the INk  that shall never fade..


With the thunders  wrapping Around you.
You move accompaining the hopes of thousands.
Venturing the sounds of clash louder untill it reach our ears , you fiGHt.
What cresents you desire other than our fineness...
 Roaming alone in your shadows , I WRITE your rememberence...

To hear goodness , as the song you revolute at the stakes of Time...
So the fire you praise and raise in our hearts ,at our a-home,
Is the burning reason,We donate our seconds of the glorius worship,
To your feet to be written and marked with blood in the Historian Bilble.

You the fearless,
Chanting your names wil the songs be Woven in the thoughts of Poets .....
Hope my Pen hs bought thousand lif'e pryers from  god TO ACCord your biography.

I dream of you every click of the clock,
So you shine as the sparking Sun througjh the foam of suppression..

Need not worry my brothers.....They hold Our Flag ....
No need to doubt ,they own the War at our side..
Roaming awake to wake the your shadows..
I WRITE your rememberence....


Bringing the catostrophe , you unlimb the Mountains of my feelings..
So many languages the Mind of me can soup,
Neither it recognised the ascent  of your words
Nor It Maps  your Precise smile to its Way...
Why was you await whaen incarved love of mine was portrayed ..on walls of my World.

Raw feel on me Is what your eyes suspect me Off.
Knowing alone is the Way that I should take back home,
You selfish made me through half path at you reach..
Alone is you,
Abondoned my ship with Something broken in the chest of me.

Were you still awake and asouled as it was darkened night,
without your breathe  on chilling breeze of active Life.
Praising your return home,
Is the diseases ,for medication I required..

I am Unbroken piece of pearl in the lane of shine..
waitng for you to be worn...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

HIM favour of dreams....

All the world strains like a Reflection from YOU.
You showed Him a way to  walk without You.
It was no hard fossil for me to walk,but all  that hurts is to walk without you.
As you said ,him saw many images but none have heart like you  to have a Print.
I have been speaing on you every lousy second.. like a farmer.
With his head towardsthe sky,
For the blossomed  blackish clouds,
Having the hope of plenty waters to Rain.
I have been counting  all These DAYS ,as the weapon WAS rusting for the need of revenge.
At the end this is the Toy story,
I will give up  thousand  lakes of Sands just for your worthy,lovely TEAR.
You broke my strings that never ,ever Tie up Agian.
And my heart is not empty,but with all your Mirages.
As your name on my hand still shines..?
Him heart fears  you a lot  as it is haunteD by She.
Be on  the  word as You were neve...r.
BUt be this time once foer ever a life's wrong guess ..
Cry once today......for yourself as they way you look...
No pain to serve your Gratitude ,no more hunt is  to be done on the compassion of My Crush.

Angel ! Do  the roaming charges apply  in your heART  ?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Last Refuge..

The way you walk ,
Is the way as the river swifts down  cursing the blaze on the firm hill.
With the colour's of sounding Heavens,
Making peaceful musical notes around the ,
My heart RINGING the bells Of Christmas.
Him eyes get elated ,to see She in the Thousand framed Slow motion picture,
As the nature's smile at Him,similar to the enthusiastic painting portrait by Angel's.

You recite in my life,
And cherish my pleasures with care,
But  they ll my thoughts just breaks down  as flakes of DREAMS.
SO,the truth must not be denied,how hard may be it to the heart,
That I'M bleated in blood On your CRush
But I'm also happy to Contend you in prior my leaving.
Can't you find me no more ,just as the Dusk can't REACH THE dAWN.

The mighty sky slapped my Face with the THunder,
And the fairy rain split in my eyes.
Because ,eyes still wants to hold on toyou,
As they forgot,
                    "Beauty of sunset can be seen only for  a second of the entire Day"

Monday, 9 July 2012

Last words of a SOLDIER

Regards to mother....,
The flesh of yours ,is the body i live with and is binding me with your  Hunger..
I see today you have least relations to bother,
ALL these newer days ,your fingers are getting timid as they can't hold it any more this SIN.
As the blood on the face of your sons and daughters You see.
Brings the Tears  of past in our eyes...MOther

The gift of you,to me the first birthday present is  to realise and propagate me towards my destinic freedom.
As this Idea has taken birth through my heart to FLEE You from the clutches of deadly imperilistic demon .
Don't You worry the demon which is a weed in my farm,
With the blessings of your sonsin the Heaven  it will get crushed.
In field when i plough my farm called Nation ,with the Blood you gave.And is like burning fire.....
As my blood has only one colour,so are my eyes have one dream...
Which I dream of Everyday till You are FREED.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


If I work incessantly ,i may  find the clues for the Mystery behind the reality.
From the dark ,there can be light.
Even  insect  covered by the soul of the grand stone,
feels warm   in the death chilled icy-waters.
Mountains whose peaks solemnly invisible to naked human eye,
 Covered In the stowed dark slithering snowy clouds,can be seen only by who rows the death with powerful armoury.
As it's peaks speaks by transcending their power of its soulful water,
To the flourishment of greatest dynasties at its feet  by cutting its own arms flowing down as un-known.
When a star know's  it is going to die,
Who's help it can seek.
If the cause is a tomorrow can only be brought by it's strategic Mysteroius DEATH.
Who is going to  DIE? If life is a trap.
If life is a trap,which rabbit has the Herculion guts to tear the FOrtune With roar of its Sword.
How can i rise against my own DEath.
If All  that i can change the world is just for a crash !
Who's going to drown in the heart of destruction.
So i decided me ,to  be MYSELF  as it was before.
God's whispersd with this dying body  that" A Start is needed .But......... ,"

Dear dearest soul ,
                           GRACIOUS ! soon meet an" END TO START BY"...
  BY a spy...

Saturday, 7 July 2012

A HELP OF THE "dream"

The dream that you dream,must be  Desire.
Now that DESire  is YOUR hope,
SO as the WEApon is your dream and in born the dream is the AIM.
The weapon is the Armour,is the strange protector of your courage..

War you raise is must a win and  a Victory.
As they say it,"God's stands in the arm of the warrior who shows,
the Valour of his Weapon,that is the Dream".
The only soul that is joyous even at the war, is your's the Bravest.
Remember nothing easy nor the victory,
Every thing is as hard so the "Curse of the Hunger".

A Dream is the voyage of the thought to the Courage.
A run towards enemy,To welcome his death with his blood.
A fear full dark that you forces seek for " Shadow of the LIGHT "
Oh! warrior!
 Your destiny awaits your  commence,To lend you it's way towards the THUNDER of  magic.
Pray the gods to untie your soul with  all your earthly relations.
Ask to unite your heart with your dreams to fight.
You are
The one with toughest soul in the clutches of these unbravely insecure heARts   .
Realise the glory that comes with DEath.
The death shall be remembered  for the last of the HIstory of your HEART,          
COME you are the reason of a revolt to your Destiny,
And i am the WAY,the GODDESS ,who woke your dreams....


The rise was all over at a sudden
Every street was up and above with the STREAM  of people..
Droping me at the mart , the two wheeler rested in peace...
IN THE ASSEMBLY LANE,it had agift of parking ticket..

Picked up a SMILE From the guard at the entrance,my
SHOE stepped in to the WORLD of wantsand needs..
THE skin felt cild coz of the       
cold bold,differentiating air ..with air on the roads......
FINISHING gifting my self, stood in the billing race,with the three more ENGINES ready to ATTACK.
EYES were souping on the GIRL in the YELLOW BOOTS.
All at asudden the bill killer, pulled the COLLAR of my BILL.
MY wallet crooked with huge smile...
 THE credit card ADOPTED  the face of monkey theft but with  Depression.
THE BOY  swiped the card like a sword....................................................


GOT to go home waiting for what said my WATCH...
 TRULY IT was his TIME......


Stab the heart ,why do you wait on it to pursue your course..,
As it was your aim at me
To do as so much i could cut my heart into pieces.
Pretend to be unknown, wasn't my prOfession as you see but with your heart..
To explain my thirst was  ,  DIFFICULT.
Yes,it was enough difficult as your  thoughts through my dreams have such woven,
Like my life had it's touch with its destiny....
Where do you still think   I am  going to play this game ,
Called "Hide from me to seek not your  love ,
But your trust .....When?"
YOU see " My   heart is  passion enough to urge its dive into your DREAMS.."
Whenever my eyes as they float for you ..
In your empire of style,compassion,youth,greedy nerves..,
They collapse  the distance between us ..
It gave the sense of the almighty touch,
With a play of poems to conquer my Feelings.,
When   you are aboard on my heart ..
The wind brings its reasons to touch  you with a smile.....

FLowers are floating for you my heart
Please Come colleCt them...
 Because ,HIM  heart says it don't wants to wait a second for SHE'S arrival...............
                                                             BY a SPY.....