Thursday, 10 April 2014

I see yadav prashanth

I was searching me in the ashes.....
And found me shining as gold in your Hearts every single corner
As life, Vibrating breathe...
I thought I was burning as fire but
I look, I was, I was shining in you
After losing everything I attained
Myself in your eyes, in you heart
I felt me in your words I´m in you.....
So, shall I be in you forever...

You feel me as pain
But I feel you as a smile as
Breaths, as yourself in yourself...

I attained heaven when my fortune
Turned me against all those fire...
Why should I fire, when I´ve you
When I know you can forget me
Distance can´t make distance
I will love you more then forever
By touching my soul you made
The distance go long away from
Our reach, from our destination
By falling in the abode of love...
My heart received peace in love

Though cannot I see you...
I wait for you at every unseen moment...

Forever yours

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