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8 Most Effective E Book Promotional Tips

8 Most Effective EBook Promotion Tips

The article tells us about some special and effective promotion tips of Ebook.

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Alla Gilbert
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July 08, 2013
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Creating and publishing an EBook may be a new experience for you. But, the game doesn’t end there. There are many things like being able to promote your EBook in the most effective way. This involves uploading your EBook on a variety of online channels.
Popular Online Retailers
Amazon and Kindle are the latest popular hotspots for promoting and selling your EBooks. Promoting a book through online means is much easier in today’s times than going through the gruelling process of using the traditional means of book promotion. However, you need to be well-versed with some tools and means to promote your EBook well through the online mode.
Social Marketing
Social media is the topmost mode of promoting your EBook successfully. In fact, marketing an EBook through social media is a viral means of marketing. The word about your EBook spreads faster through social media tools than through any other means. So, don’t forget to employ this means of EBook marketing. Don’t waste your time by using the ineffective means; know what works and what doesn’t.
Blogging, Boasting, and Deliberating
Blogging is a great way to promote your EBook. Blog through web, through Facebook, tweet, post comments on Google plus, and all and sundry that is popular nowadays. EBook promotion is a great way to enhance the visibility of your new creation or to popularise yourself as an author.  Welcome comments from friends, other bloggers, other authors, book critics, and book industry experts.
Carving Pretty Art and Craft
Designing the cover pages of an EBook is the first step in grabbing the attention of readers. If it is dull or if it fails to grab reader’s interest, then you have very little luck further. Hire an expert publishing company, or if you are good at web designing or basic Photoshop, you can do it yourself too. If you wish to take up self-publishing, all the decisions will be yours to make.
The publishers only have to implement your planning. So, you have the maximum level of creative freedom when you take up self-publishing. However, you still have to work hard in promoting your EBook.
Smart SEO Strategy
Work out an effective SEO strategy for your EBook promotion. Make sure you select tags and reviews that are search-friendly. The title should be extremely impactful and be able to generate curiosity and deep interest. There’s nothing wrong in getting a bit personal when it comes to marketing your EBook. When you unravel personal details about your lifestyle, readers are better able to connect with you.
Share your previous success stories or stories about struggles and milestones in writing your current book. If readers are able to connect with you emotionally, probably they will be able to connect with the characters in your book too. So, tap the pulse of the readers and use it in the most effective way.
Incorporation of Rich Media
Sharing images and videos of the different aspects of your writing journey is a great way to get people interested. When you create some sort of analogy between your book and some other story or real life incident or natural event, people are more tempted to read it. Try to merge the real with the virtual and see the magic happen in your writings.
Be of use to readers. Many book readers are highly practical. They won’t read something that isn’t of much practical value to them. If they feel their life is stuck at some point or due to certain problems in life, and if your book provides solutions to those problems, your book is highly likely to be the next bestseller.
Maintain Your USP
Be unique; don’t be a copycat version of other bloggers or authors. Give readers something that others aren’t giving. When you deliver something that is not easily available, your value naturally increases.
Tweet more. Tweeting may be considered a short way of conveying your message, but it is highly impactful if you master the art of doing so.
Avoid Bombarding
Blogging, putting reviews, and promoting your eBook in the most effective way is important to keeping the memories and craze of your eBook alive. If you don’t continue this, people will easily forget you. However, don’t bombard the web and thus the readers with a mention of your EBook everywhere. If you go everywhere, you lose your elite value. Maintain your status and avoid looking cheap.

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