Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The new Ebook

Release Me : The manifesto of Hell
this book s going to be released soon  Synopsis :

How can a normal person , a bank employee can give the orphans ,their parents back
though he is not a God .What powers does he posses ? To build a world that is free from
death and pain. Does a world of such qualities exists ? If existed how and where did He
found it ? What is the reason behind ? Whom did he build that world for ? After becoming
the ruler of that world ,what did he do to bring people into his world ?
TO know further ,you must get this book….

A family saga of a person ,who is a dream predictor . The stories he heard from his friends ,
colleagues ,through the TV ,net about the victims of any incident that presents pain, caught
his attention and makes him to build a personal self ,that is not reflexive and very brittle .
Giving up hope easily becomes his nature .Then one day ,he fails to make a decision quickly ,
which causes death to a small girl , age of his daughter ,Nova .Then he starts thinking about
the failures of humanity . He wishes to live in a world where there would be no pain, death ,
poverty ,suppression ,stress .In course of time ,he learns that a dream is place for his answers .
Falls in an illusion that the real world in which he lives was his dream and to test that ,he kills
his own daughter brutally .Dreaming excessively ,he makes himself to think that he was correct
because he did not felt any pain in murdering his daughter .Then he traps every person and his
madness seems have no bounds. He will give the life back to the dead people and everything to
the people what they needs in his world , he will not know that he brought them in to his dream.
But lives with a perception that the dream is his. Does his madness continues ,will there not be
anyone to stop him ,how the people trapped in will be released , is the story to be read .
Biography :
Yadav Prasahnth , writer and poet .Previous works “From heart with Love” present on Amazon
bookshelf. The Title Release me: manifesto of Hell is the first debut novel .
For as long as I remember,writing has been my release .It has given me a chance to escape into
the worlds I created . Having a picturesque view of everything makes me to write clearly ,without
confusion.These characters with which I wander in my dreams became my confidants and the
language my music .With fresh thoughts ,I believe in one thing “Nothing remains forever except
the art within you”.

So ,I think I can present a fantastically portrayed novel . It would be better ,if this series appears
as serial because that does not force me to be quicker in writing.So that I will not be in a hurry to
publish this book and I would be able to present the book in an interesting way for the
enthusiastic readers ,as they were always .With too many ideas of other stories ,I hope I will make
it with all my blood and make the readers to stick to their screens reading this serials episode.
I thank Amazon , for providing me a chance to show case my strength of writing and I would like
to grab it is a lifetime opportunity.

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