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Release me.... Manifesto of hell's first chapter.....

After many days writing my manuscript... I want you my readers to go through my new  e-book first chapter ....and express  your concern.Thank you for your support...

The dawn under redOrchards..
Around 150 years back ...
In a graveyard far from the city

There will be left nothing to count, when a dreadful morning comes closer again .
" Don't burn me crying ",my father whispered before he broke his breathe in silence which is now embraced with terror .While my tears, found no bounds to stay in eyes , no more.. they rolled down on my cheeks ,again for no reason.
It seems ridiculous for me , Why should one cry on death ,for it is just a pass through of life from one form into another. They say whom wish is unfulfilled will be guided and are allowed to wander in unfamiliar human forms in this grave yard , a landscape of unknown. I didn’t knew it was true, until now. But, from this second I’ll obey that belief.

Foolish people , never believe all this .They say these things are superstitions, but now they are as truth as blood and are ready to take whatsoever comes to them. Well I'm not foolish to gather around .These are nothing but true stories.I'm not a fool like everyone out their because , I not only believe in the evil ,I take part in the activities of darkness. It is not my habit .I started it again ,with my father first because he was not listening ,what I was telling to him.
Oh ! did I said again , the word 'again', might be your perception .You know ,I did not learned the word 'again ' until my third standard. Better keep it a secret ,the trees around have ears to listen ,and eyes to scare the living ones. And I don't like to use it anymore .To be frank and open folks ! I hate a lot, the word ‘again’ and this grave yard.
You are a clever one , Owl .The one sitting on the orchard ,peering down at both of us, me and Mom like a deadliest beast, singing for silence , a welcome tune .

Yes ! the deadliest beast , it frightens everyone . Like in bed time stories .But, not me this time . Because ,the blade in my hand had brightened it's shine the blood of my father .As it was foretold by the Prescient of the dark ,that the Blade glows after the rite . The prescient is our caretaker, for whom our family was carrying the jewel of honor to banish ourselves and to be the servants of unknown, as long as , this house of Edwards stands.
My mother used to mention about that matter every time ,wasn't you Mom. Well , I forgot to mention about this ,she is sleeping in bed .A deep sleep will make her voice quite forever .I'm sitting right at her feet ,as she wanted it always.
This is no normal bed , it's a box, I think it is almost six foot tall and two foot wide. With a lid to cover , I think the bed sheets might get older to use considering the new wooden closet,to sleep.
HM blade ,it might had resented the coming morning and was speaking about four more boxes I guess. One for me for sure .
" Don't laugh you freaks ,you behold the silence today ,
and that's weakening me by taking my mother away.
Even if, I am guarding her with the drops of hope and
with a feeling called Son ,left in me. And coming for more ,
I don't hold anything more on this Earth for you to conjure
just leave me, please ! " my eyes ,they spoke to the dark
and was bequeathing my courage
to the crouching darkness to fall over me.
And the savior of dark asks for more ,“ I don't hold anything more on this Earth for you to conjure just leave me, please !”.
"Shh ! I just want to smile for life ,shall it rest in peace",Mom whispered her last , but few words. She lost her wits and was speaking something different as ,I did not understood the essence of that words. She spoke again,“ Who will get a chance to be his side of mother and father before they leaves the world forever”.This time, I got a sense of what she was afraid.
The ravens ,that grouped on the Orchards from before an hour or more ,scattered above us. A bad sign .They might be joyful to taste some succulent blood ,after all.
As if thirsty for the last time, she sighed to bring something to drink .I think the solemn death made her throat parching and sentient.
I ,strangely in that grave yard found a hand pump might be connected to a well .It poured me some water ,bought from almost fine depths of this grave yard , knowing that the water might have contaminated with blood from ages.
Sulkily ,I managed to bring water to my mother. But time teased me ,it was enough late and was time for my eyes to rain and the heart to do justice for the pain it felt.

And I had to build the whole thing again to burn her eternal body in fire. It's easy to perform rituals for dead ,being a slave of darkness myself. And a strange thing is not to bury them keeping in the box but, burn them .The box is huge and wide .
Well , it might have spilled blood ,just ignore and be calm the wolves around can scent the blood. Let us call these wolves Hunters, to make ears of trees around ,a deaf one. So that ,they do not propagate a false propaganda on me , a Rightful servant of darkness on an agreement to kill .
Not very far from here I think , just about eight or nine foot distance away ,corpse of my father is burning on the woods. Don't panic you filthy piece of dust , my soul praised the terror in my heart. It's no time for me to cry ,as it takes time to burn both of them in peace ,I don't want to be alone either. I know the next one to die would be me ...
Then I started praying the one the carrier of purity of the Dungeon, the sublime home of sanctuary is near His feat.......
Soon I spelled ,I felt detaching myself ,from the body I had living from years. I was controlling this from much time and I cannot any more .
The darkness disappeared , it has bought cover of shine all over. I think ,new morning has come to watch me dying. The shine erupted shining brightly before my eyes ,I heard the Horse .It looked white , no it was a unicorn with the horn on the face emitting brightness like Sun of galaxies, on which an Angel appeared to take me heaven ..
" Oh! glorious soul ,you have felt enough roughness of this Earth, the time comes for you to rest again in the arms of God. I ,the one pleased with your duty and your consciousness towards the souls that had already ashes. You won our hearts .
Get ready to be Us...
said the voice through the shine.
Took him away.The soul reached Heaven after an hour of torture.. The last lines of the letters are read .
Closing the book Mrs.Name comforted ,the young daughters of his son.She read them out The letters of Edwards and the En-chased Mystery, as the girl always liked the mystic and mythological type of stories , everybody called her the little devil ,Nova.
Later in the night when her son would return from his daily job , she doesn't wanted them to disturb him ,as he would be stressed out and how she would be knowing her thing of doing this , would make every thing change forever in the coming days.How the things change for ever and ever .....

Present day :
As it is almost six ,everybody in his house was waiting for his arrival ,his children were sent by him the last night to their grand parents to stay away and to be unaware of what would happen with the house ,this afternoon.
As he came ,he recognized the car would be of the officials,he fast swayed into the house .
"Good Evening Gentlemen ! Sorry to make you wait .There was a ,to say ,little bit of paper work left back there in the office , about the transfer ,finally I got it down ."
He gave his coat to his wife ,who was sitting on the couch with visitors . Rubbing his hands and he settled on the couch quickly to start the proceedings. Though he had smile over his face ,but it was difficult for the visitors to make out whether it was real or artificial one .
" Well ! you got the papers .I hope Amanda had explained everything to you guys", he looked at her ,she confirmed by blinking her both eyes slowly. That allowed him to take the breathe slowly into the lungs.
"Yes ! everything suits our standards , but I really don't get a thing . Many people, as far as I saw ,will try to own such a property like this one . I'm no stranger. And you are trying to leave it to the bank .Why ?" a Man who wore a black tie among the two visitors , asked.
Another agent ,named Jim son Root ,who put his visiting card over the tea table interrupted him , " It does not matter to us ,we are just employees and you sell the property to the bank and our job is to see you receive your money in time .Making customers happy is our prime business ,as you are aware of that. It's quite common, any body would doubt that ",he looking at his partner spoke as fast as he can leaving nothing for them to say.
" So ,don't you want , to think over it again ?" the person with black tie spoke firmly to both of them looking into their eyes ,hinting to think over the matter once again.
They both nodded a NO ,looking at each other .
" It's a No .So you got three days to vacate the house as per the agreement . Well ! I would feel sorry to sell an awesome house so near to the city .It's your property it's your decision. Nice meeting you ,Mr. Name and you Mrs. Name ", shaking hands with the agent ,felt like shaking off the burden from the shoulders to both of them.They escorted the agents out ,to the car.
" We cannot speak about it to any one ",She told to him .
Need not explain the pain to any one .Nobody will understand unless they are it's victims .They will get to know unless the cold storm hit their heads , blinding everything they see and touch. He thought to himself ,staying calm to his wife's question looking at the house.

The Next Day
They got everything packed ready to flee to their new home , for his children and his wife and true home the original one for him in which he grew up.
Every thing was just a memory being in that house now the moments they laughed as a family , the moments their children grew up ,the moments they partied every moment reeled in front of him.
He then smiled ,over the strange and malicious things that happened in that house ,he wanted to curl his memories again with his finger tips . His thoughts moved on faster , as the city roads ended like the dark erased persistently from their lives from now and ever.
Happiness beamed on his face making him to look more handsome than ever. That made also her to smile and was so pearly white and perfect for that moment .She enjoyed peace in silence of the journey.
My name is Jsutnime , sorry , it is JUSTIN NAME or shortly they call me J, just as simple as it looks. I work as a transaction manager in Prudential Life Insurance Services Ltd. He opened the diary ,he wrote from the day they became the owners of that house.
I have a beautiful wife and her name is Amanda Stevens before I met her and now she is called as Mrs. Amanda Name. How cool ! Isn't it . And God gifted us with two angels elder one is Prince, nine years ,six months and twenty three days . And exactly after Two years, three months, 3 days my wife gave birth to younger one Nova , better to call her Devil, now she is Seven years ,three months,20 days.
I've joined both of them in a nice school,where their father studied. It means I've joined them in the school in which I've been taught to read and write.I live in my home town now with my parents happy, leaving the apartment in the city.I requested my company to transfer to my village due to a reason.

ate : January26th,2013
Occasion : Prince's Birthday.
Venue : My home
As usual I go for work early in the morning ,not like Hollywood movie starting speech .I really work hard to give a life to my daughters that I dreamy of. I wanted them not to be like me .I wanted to see them on the top the stars.
So did Am, as I call her, thinks. Ur's was a peaceful house ,with Little things between. We like it to be simple further. Normal will be good to call us , nothing specific about our life style until Amanda bought that CD ,on Prince's recent birthday to play in the party. Was not a huge one. W e kept it low cost .Only few Friends neighbors,were called including our both parents . The party went quite well indeed.
Fun ,little chatting about old things , hot and brand new gossips lots of them were spoken of .Then all of a sudden , a huge music startled every one drawing their attention to dance for that beat. I to be frank does not know much about the Metallica , but I know most of the country songs ,this song which AMA was playing seemed different.
" She played the music very well, she seemed to be passionate over rap songs. What was that song Amanda?"my friend Chris asked.
"Hmm.... Prince Dead , metallica " ,she replied while, still with ear phones in her ears playing the same song.
I asked her to come over here to a group photo ,She waved off , might be not in a good mood I thought. ''Clean it up! '' I said .She raised the thumb. It's our sign of agreement .
I really filled my belly with happiness that night . I , myself not a good drinker,to say.
But , it was party , my own one and only daughter ,then has completed 7 years, how could I stay away from the beer. I drank overloaded that night and slept.

Unknown of what would happen.....the next.
The lyrics of that song was terrifying .Still I could hear them resonating in my ears loudly..echoing drastically to be exact. Cannot stop that noise any more .Had woke me up that song.I think it was almost Mid OF A Night...I was in my bed room sleeping alone .I for a second thought of Amanda ,might be she is sleeping with my princess.
Then , I decided to go and join them but, before that I was feeling terribly thirsty and went to grab something to cool my parching throat.
For my goodness,there was only a beer to drink. It's okay ! I thought , why I was unable to sleep ? Strange hey ! I drank too much unable to find sleep hmm.... unpredictability in life had reached the brink of the oceans to take a flight around the Earth .
Quoted a line for the news reporter of CNN-IBN to use . How mysterious isn't it ? Nice try J , I told to me ,keeping the beer on the table and started washing my face. I heard Nova ,my devil running from behind, laughing aloud , while I was washing my face at the wash basin.
"Nova ! is that you ,Are you still awake ? My little devil come to daddy !!!" saying ,I turned around. She was there rubbing her eyes ." What are you doing here without sleeping?" ,saying I took her in my hands.
Suddenly I heard of a car ,outside. Leaving her down on the floor ,I went near the window to look to whom the car belong.. opening the door and I went outside .
"So, how was the party" a voice followed .It was James ,he is my neighbor.
"Pretty well. But , what kept you so long?"I asked him.
"Nothing, my car went for little repairing.You can't expect to find some stuff from the old car. I hope you had thrown a nice party , Well ! have a nice sleep buddy and Good night fella !" ,all the hardness of life was clearly can be seen on his face even in that pitch dark of night ,with a little shine of street lights following him as his shadow.
''I apologize if I disturbed you ",smilingly he replied when he was at his door and went inside the house very quickly.
I almost forgot about Nova ."Nov.....",she wasn't there when I turned around thought she was following me up to the door."Nova ! where are you ?" I shouted .
Did not know why I've done that ,that song was annoying me like a ravaged monkey , but that had woken somebody up for sure .Closing door ,and double checking lock ,I went inside she was drinking water ,grabbing the bottle I moved into the room.
And Am had woke up as I anticipated .
"What happened ?" she asked.
"Just not getting sleep " .
"Are you alright ,that is why I told you not to drink too much", she lifted her hands up ,to show her helplessness.
Then head started feeling dizzy, "Take her into the room ,she is also in no mood to sleep " , I told.
'' Who ?" ,she asked.
I pointed at the fridge ,saying ''Nova ''. Believe me there was nobody at the fridge. And that door was still open from the time I pulled the beer out . Head got crushed . As I went into the room ,astonished ,I stood startled for a minute. My feet were not moving an inch, finding both of my daughters sleeping in the bed.
She ,she............. was drinking water before my eyes ,and how did she got inside !
“ Due to the rain I was unable to sleep” ,s he spoke in a way unwilling to speak about anything at all.
“What ?it is not raining , I just now ,went outside .” I was totally confused to hear that it was raining. She pointed towards the door and the drops of rain adhered to the glass of the windows, were skiing all over it’s flat surface.
To confirm what I saw ,I rushed towards the door And the sound of the rumbling thunder had shown me away to my bed.
The next morning I woke up and went outside the house to bring the newspaper James was returning from the morning walk .He waved a hand at me and waved back in response ,Newton was
right for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction , I smiled at me.
“ You seem quite energetic Jay .Though slept late at night woke up early ! suggest the catalyst of your fitness also to me” ,he jogged into his home saying this.
I was unable to believe what he just spoke to me ,whom should I believe my wife or the strange man who comes late night to his home .

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