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The Escape of Queen ......The story of Hesperus and the S

The Escape of Queen
......The story of Hesperus and the Spy......

Trumpets  yelled
Commanding the fort  alert of doom.
Sealed, freezed  the  smile over Kings crecent jaw.
Burying every suspicious court
Thoughts ran into phrases,
Into carvings on stones.

The Lady Prince,
Pretty  flowers blossomed joy,
The evening Star ,
The beauty hire ,
The Prince Hesperus , self on sail.
Noticing  clear intention of escaped  Princess
The Retro castle hired  the SPY to chase 'Vanish'.

Started then I,
     To drop the every clue off the perch.
And claim my fame worth the sun,moon,earth and sky.
Prevailing stories have been estimated
Echoing superstitions formulated,
And to  trace the path I a Spy, have been approved.

Amazingly branched scented leaves,
Magnificient, the colored Clouds.
Redded roses all  Over the way,
Singing a welcome for
The Diamond walking this Way,
Was visible to my visualized fortune Eye Tracer.

In hunt for it's nut,playing at feet of  jungle sentinals.
A s a lushed squirrel  I see,
Bluish textured fainted waters falling high ,
To hail at the Princes palms washing  spangled
dirty feet, Swaying fast.
Speaking to buzzing bees.

A lavender portray of sunshine
 just sneaked through to watch,
The Jewel ,the Topaz. , the Pearl
It seems a smile of rainbow
 on the ornate  face of  blue haze Sky

  A great  song of miracle,
Welcoming the gazing Star to Her self ,
Into the Highness.
 I finder of disdain, hidden paths,
Cannot I, Assure the finding.
To trace the emancify soul .
And mysterious disappearance is disorder all came  known
Until now to me.

Beyond  walls of belief,
I not and cannot  assure  the way
That highness walked in light.
Her , the Phoenix  alone knew
The stonical desire on the deceptive Journey taken.

Crossing thousands of milestones,
Disclosing the un - inspected  path,
The scorpion treasure is far deliciuos than this Hunt,I say.
Rushing ,
I brught the book with Ink , What shall I write ?
The dark that I see,
The pain I felt,
The way stroked with Rided sun bowl.
What shall I write Other than this ?

But , there I see a Hope,
 On hearing a song of beauty,
Nightingale singing in it's glidy fly
But unknown ,from where it learned the thrust to rise high.

She an unpainted Butter fly
A daughter of unknown portrait,
Rested I , self in shade of grave ,
Started hallucinatng the illusions of Princess around.
Ceased the story a Mystery,
To find the feeble way of Her walk,
I adopted  Her way for first time ,since journeyed.
Soon see ,The king's Princess.

I in a hall of surprise.
Saw inspiring My lady , I dreamed  ,
My soul cried !

I walked the tempest way of the God ,to  reach Princess.
The  many  shire ,in  passage  I slaked.
Tells the every stern difficulties I faced.
The desires Of me
Are finding a way to reach my heart again of lot some wealth.

This a longest journey ,
A realm of Four lame Years.
The darkness  escorted me  towards a silent peace.

Identifying the mirages on the great sands.
A blossom bored, hiding it's presence in this new  world.
That is  a thought of highness,
To keep un forgotten  in my heart forever.
As a shadow of burning leaf I flew,
But became  just as ash for early winter flame.

I imagined to be a bee
 keep buzzing around highness.
But seeing a bee in this real world,
Flying around the heart of beautifull rose.
I wonder why ? It just flew away.
Filling enough honey in it's belly.

Deserting  life...
I recognized all she desired was Freedom
Hence she forfeited the solitude and seclusion.

Found at the passage of truth,
All the beasts misted Her Highness,
At sunset in the moonlight,
A blossom  bored to my tip of hope,
Breathing in air from  highness.
 I was just learning to reach death
But some part in heart doubt,
Not enough to conjure the  glow of her.
If not  Highness,
No lady  Could dare enough to rest here ,
 In a chilled dark.
If not this way  ,
No chance the Princess chose the  else Other.

SO I ,
Decided to move away from her iridiscent memorized posture,
Stepping aside,
I drifted alone .
I thought to have a word,
And make my travel a worthy one of treasure.

Enroaching into  breathe,that  pearl.
Her Highness  turned into  flame of dream.
Crouching to be freed,
Her Highness sparkled the smile all Over .
Spokes have been pierced into life's hard way,
Explained me the solemn reason for Great Escape.

Then I concluded, To Highness
Through the clouds of feelings
 I confessed that
I got soaked in affectionate  poisonous Verses of Lord King.
“Tell me why ?”
“ I couldn't get rid off the Idea to secure  you in the Citadel”.
“If you wish I bring the hell to King”.

A Soldier of heaven ”
Saying this she revealed herself.

Astonished !
Oh ! I see now goddess , herself g oldness sheltered in .
In disguise of King's Princess,

She the Venus has landed on Earth,the Mighty One.
Flying feathered flamingo ,Singing over steep tone,
Her Highness awakened Me from humanness,headed heavenward.
I lost her path,
I shall deem for mistake ,at the King's Court.
All I have left is the broken path ,esteemed misery.
And a  boon so the no creature can dream,
Is to have a place in her heart for next ten  lives,
As promised in our agreement of escape

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