Saturday, 18 January 2014

Review Of Poe's The Pit and The Pendulum

Reviving The Classics in Literature of 18th century..

So breath taking, so terrorizing ,so inhuman....the tale that can fork your brain out of your head with it's verse inching out from your eyes at length.
In fact the , words that torture, the death that nobody would desire how dangerous and how  mysterious a death would be was described at length in this short written horror narration.
Every one know that one day there would come hunting their death. And when such death comes , though invitingly or uninvited... how it torture  a soul that's already facing a heartless insanity was described could view the vision of so narrated dungeon within you. This  epic tale, thus demonstrate a hunger of death crouching in to feast over a helpless creature , running helplessly around his own cell..

I would strongly recommend this tale.....
Surely it will make you to block out...
I am in a shock as I write this ....a horror I never witnessed , i neither felt that pain a death cause to close as it happened to me.

Once more Poe lives in his favorite genre of horror and fancies  himself....with the horror. HATS OFF !!! POE

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