Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Review Of Tell TALE Heart..

Reviving classics In English Literature...

As trying to make up the knew scenario...I was once again driven into the classics of 18th Century Writers. It would be prominent to say Poets. I got to Google for it,  once again. But talking of the powerful writers of the prescribed period . The maddest name I heard Was Edgar Allan Poe, The powerful and Splendid as it sounds. And i happened to go through some of his Writings has been three nights I was With him..
Today I'm going to discuss one of His so well Portrayed Antagonism...A TELL TALE HEART.

The story of a murder enclosed with drama and dilemma was a well fusion of extraordinary words that any writer must go through.
It begins slowly.....Understanding the minute details of a psychopath...And not mentioning it cleverly deluding the reader and drawing him into a pair of conclusion that how soft a murder could be done...and how fascinating it could be done with the ecstatic wordplay, for the writer has without choosing a mystical or whimsical portrays. Keeping it simple and true , Critical ,yet Clear. This was Beautiful..It was really a melody of passion into a lore tail....Hat's off !!!  I sat to this brilliant writer...

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