Saturday, 12 January 2013


All the world strains like a Reflection from YOU.
You showed Me a way to walk without You.
It was no hard fossil for me to walk,
but all that hurts is to walk without you.

As you said ,
I saw many images but none have heart like you to have a Print.
I have been speaing on you every lousy second.. like a farmer.
With his head towardsthe sky,
For the blossomed blackish clouds,
Having the hope of plenty waters to Rain.
I have been counting all These DAYS ,as the weapon WAS rusting for the need of revenge.
At the end this is the Toy story,
I will give up thousand lakes of Sands just for your worthy,lovely TEAR.
You broke my strings that never ,ever Tie up Agian.
And my heart is not empty,but with all your Mirages.
As your name on my hand still shines..?
Him heart fears you a lot as it is haunteD by She.
Be on the word as You were neve...r.
BUt be this time once foer ever a life's wrong guess ..
Cry once today......
for yourself as they way you look...
So I shall not return again.
No pain to serve your Gratitude ,
No more hunt is to be done on the compassion of My Crush.
It Is yours have it fore ever...

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