Saturday, 12 January 2013

Invention of me

I was surprised,after disovering the invention of myself.

That truth, they say in this world is , I was born.
Here they say , I shall learn to write and taught Deescipline in life.I was surprised again ,

This time ,that I actually realised the reality of myself.
As fresh breeze I step on to this vast world.

I hardly knew ,

Our thoughts are lacking wisdom, from times of immemorial.
Every day I lived,evry second i painted.
To see the best of future,than now.
As one civilized ,I was told.
As a literate ,I was addresed.
But now I invented, I am a nomad wandering undressed,
In the midst of civilization ,
Just not for myself,but for formalities to serve.I have an uncurable disease,

Spread all over myself, this is something I knew .
I have not cared, 
For what I left behind,
For those clouds I left raining,
For that tigress in me ,I let to starve,
For those floods ,I left to overflow.

All I discovered I am living in hypnotised world by wants of luxury. 
This is all invented of me .
I am just alive buybody,
But dead by heart .

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