Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Guest post By Tawdra Kandle...

I was thinking not to interview any Author[ it was little difficult to get on to the new authors ,with my deadly slow net connection]. So , thought to ask them to write guest posts on my blog..Here’s Tawdra Kandle… The author of fighting to forgive….a best cinematic novel I’ve read so far…
I actually wasn’t in a mood to give her any topics and randomly asked her to interview her self…So she came up with some funny questions…Here it goes…..

When people ask me how I know so much about professional mixed martial arts fighting, I tell them about my days working as an Octagon Girl for the UFC. Okay, fine. I was never an Octagon Girl.

The truth is that my husband is a fan of MMA. When we first got married I was forced to sit in front of the television and watch grown men beat the ever-loving crap out of each other. I started asking questions, paying attention, and then it hit me.

Is there any sport that can compete with MMA? I can’t think of one.

These guys are deadly on their feet, and even more so on the ground. They can wrap their limbs around another human being and choke the life right out of them. They’re trained to land a punch that will shock a nerve in their opponent’s head and force the brain to shut down. Knockout! Meanwhile they have to maintain excellent cardio in order to stay breathing during all this. It’s remarkable.

So when I decided to write romance, I asked myself who are the roughest toughest athletes around? The answer was obvious.

The second question I asked myself was what on earth would possess a man to dedicate his life, his health, and his body to being beat on for a living. I was convinced that any person who would do this must have something wrong with them. I thought surely every one of them walks into that octagon all riled up emotionally, turning every opponent into their worst enemy. I loved that. It gave my characters motive, purpose.

But then, I read UFC Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell’s book, Iceman. And Ole Chuck killed my romanticized ideas of MMA.
“I’m not holding any ‘Where’s Daddy?’ demons. I never step into the cage angry, trying to turn my opponent into my long-lost father. You can’t win if you can’t control your emotions.”

Well, crap. So I take creative liberty with my writing. Although most of my characters fighting traits are based on a living, breathing MMA fighter, their emotional upheavals are strictly fictional.

But it begs the question… Why do MMA fighters do what they do?

In the words of Chuck Liddell… “I have no idea…I’ve never been afraid to fight. In fact, I like fighting, always have…All I ever wanted to do was make a living fighting.”
  Huh…I’m not going to question that, but something tells me there’s a story there.

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