Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The idea of writing a book..

The idea of writing a book..
Every new author or a person who’s trying hard to put a book, when starting their new  e book  or planning to write  a book, will be surely having something in their head which they believe that will succeed , the idea.

Where surely this thing will be born is the matter of your experience with such kind privileged  thought that is  a mere ignorance of people around you or the idea or topic looks great for you,,, as you the feel it was you ,on this planet who first experienced it. It is  a kind of feeling that is much enthusiastic like a bubble of water pushing itself in bucketful of water. If you feel like this , then you have  an inborn quality to be  a writer. But the fact is  for how long?
 Before , if you feel that your story must be known to everyone as you get started as an author of  a book , then your idea is wonderful.....It surely catches atleast a  handful of brains and fire them up with your ecstatic thoughts....Actually talking about the way of style that every author should follow is not sticking to a particular style...
Example , if we think that a movie or a video that will be more popular if it got fantastic music, is a mistake..

Because, there are silent movies that had  won hearts of thousands.
In fact, this plays a  different role , as the modern concept of proposing an idea for  a reader to pick your book from a list of thousands is a great thing..as far as the theme of the book is if given importance.

So, be clear towards what your book has been targeted at ? Try to tell the story to more and more people  to eliminate parallax errors before the story had been keyed and also be careful that when you tell a story try to tell persons who could hear it properly and judge it well…

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