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Release Me Episode #2

After looking at the readership of first episode i had to put in the second one as well...Here it comes second  Episode#2  as well

Chapter One
The starting...
" He started staring at every word ,and turning the pages fast , the sound of his breathe was able to hear ".

A reason hunted me down like a jaguar hunts for it's prey. There in dim lights of night ,I find some unusual whispers . Like a dead I walked the every corner of my house all the nights restless , sleepless and hopeless ,whether I could be able to save my family from these unknown whispers. In this world there is no place for the weak person to live.
By the grace of god the wet clouds of terror parted away, bringing the shine of hope and joy into our lives .I could say how it started but, these tears wouldn't stop and the nerves enlarges if that scenes reveal in front of eyes . Because ,I was unable to stop a person from his death ,but successful in bringing the death on to everyone. I really doesn't want to tell my story.
But , I had to because you might be also having a family. You also like me might be working whole day and wish to go home and play with your children. Might be trying to help them in home work and teach them new things. Who will be there to warn you ? When unexpected things cloud around . Whom do you call for help ? when you are alone crying in the abyss.
My friends , night might look calm . Although might be cold to sleep in warmth of house.
What if every thing bad , just happens in that house. It may be rude for you but ,realize the truth.
Run ! like a sheep, trying to save yourself from the Fierce full hunter ,even that innocent sheep unknown of what happening around it , has only one soul , itself to protect from . But , you have relations to look after .
Stay awake and read my story....Not just to get to know. Use it as a lantern to guide you.
Remember nobody comes to your aid , when you seek help , learn how to help yourselves , prepare to be destroyed or become a destroyer.. Dream again the dream if it changes the type of death you died.
Stay awake and keep yourself open to learn from me , of my experiences.
It all happened in just a month of time.
I think we are not the victims .
We were more that that .
Yes ! more than Victims .
Perhaps, the Prey.
Annoyed , he closed the diary and randomly picked another . “Turning point” , was return on it’s face . A label covered the year and his smile knows why .

He glanced quickly the first few pages, searching for a page that he reads every time ,like a memory he hides it.
Dreams are casual for every one ,and I’m not a stranger to that . But believe me ,I thought what a dream can do. I used to dream of an Angel everyday. She was very beautiful in dreams.
And I started to wander in every book , to give her a shape,a smile and a voice. Strangely , I did not left any imagination that let’s me go, near to my angel.

I began to portray her in every way of my life. To say practically ,I started to imagine every girl I see either at work ,in the television ,at bus bay, in train ,at the mall ,in the movie hall ,at laundry shop,even in small children beside my apartment , at the medical store every where like her, I not only imagined but, began to tell my colleagues about the angel.
I did not stopped here , I told about her to my close friend Cindy . An imagination yet to become real.
And often I used to console my self, of her presence , anything that one can imagine. But all this according to me ended this day.
In returning from the jewelery store ,I walked towards home ,fast on the street after work as usual. I did not watch the signal as there were nothing on the road , like it was empty and I saw a mobile ice cream vehicle,of McDonald's and I began to think how would my angel would eat an ice cream. I came to knew at that time , how silly a wish , a desire of a person can think ,for something he wanted . And how desperately he tries at it.

To say , I was totally taken away from me ,along with her I dream all my day. I did not doubt my instincts ,because I now what I was doing and I was completely persuaded into an empty shadow that was fond of unknown image.
That day as I , headed home straight ,a car hit me . No major injuries because, the car almost bought down it’s velocity to zero before it hit me. I thank the person who might be driving that . A women ,I think about 20 to 22 years of age stepped out of the car ,she seemed as if covered in dismay . I was smiling madly ,I did not understood why I was laughing .

But, something deep inside me was pulling my cords ,turning my breathe into a rhythmic tune . My eyes carried their usual work of matching ,while I felt , my soul felt appeased for the first time .It did not seemed to be an easy task for me to make her love , in return. My heart was thrown in her way , asking her to grab it and replace where it belonged, but with hands to care and words to love.
For every good thing ,a bad situation ,to happen is attributed by god.

I found something flowing beneath me effortlessly ,while my facile mind is still in dreams, unsophisticated dreams to mention in a right manner. It was my blood something happened to my head . That women ran towards me .
“HELP! Please…” , I remember that cry of her and I wanted a same person to suite me in my life , the one that cry for me , when she knew I belong to her.
I wanted to tell something to her , I know it from my deep heart . It was no chance for me speak , not at all . As I fell unconsciously , but I was able to see everything , just unable to respond to others . Then every one, who gathered around me decide to take me to the hospital and pulled me into the car ,there my dream ended. I was thinking
I opened my eyes , a women in between 24 to 25 ears of age was sitting in front of me. She finding me conscious took her cell phone out from her hand bag , a leather black coated ,Hazel colored one . She dialed some number ,as her fingers ran over the keys , the phone spelled loud the number she dialed . It was like the announcement at the airport.
I realized that she was trying to call someone. She was trying to call someone ,I know ?

“Is this Mrs. Amanda am I speaking to”, her firm voice broke as light as possible and she was my friend and her name is Christine Guardian . Christine was talking to the person who admitted me in the hospital. I recognized that I was weak as every part of my body was feeling heavy and as fresh wound . My head was surrounded by some wound clothing type material .
But still, I was waiting for that person .This women came near to my bed, “Are you feeling okay !”, she spoke very softly as if it was her job to speak politely all the time.
“What is your name ?” I asked her.
“My name is Christine ,and I work in the same office you work” ,she with her eyes wide open ,said but with a smile ,i didn’t know what that was for .
“You ,wait I know you ,Cristine Ford , Yes! Mrs. Receptionist. I remember you and who’s that joined me in here ?” .I said sarcastically.
“ Who else will ? Your girl ,the one who loved you .She is on her way” , Christine replied ,this time keeping back to her courteous smile.

Yesterday !
“She seem to like you ,the ah..” adjusting her nose Christine continued “ her attitude ,I mean tells. You know actions speaks ,aloud than hundred dialog’s ”. She said holding the Tea cup , at the coffee bar ,which was a floor down from our cabin. We walked upstairs talking avoiding elevator. You know what , it should be written on your name ,to have someone in your life , you cannot get whatsoever the junk comes in ,just take it like, you shouldn’t do that .It’s kind of wrong thing , that leads to huge fights , for you and giggles, for your friends .
And I promise I will not laugh,seriously . I know she was occupied with anger at that moment.

“You are right from your point of view and I’m good to stay out from the thing called Free Advice..”
Nice judgment I slowly tipped the word in her ears.
“Stop dreaming you freak ! You scare me with that looks .” She shouted back.
We were at the coffee bar buying some tea to drink , I think . Sorry to say ,the above incident was the forced idea of mine onto my brain to dream about Amanda , the new RECEPTIONIST , came to work in place of Christine ,a month ago . As Christine was promoted to higher post .
The idea was to imagine Amanda in place of Angel ,the goddess of my dreams . She did not told me anything about Amanda and I did not shouted. I just imagined it to be so . I wanted to speak to Amanda and I was desperate ,I told to Christine.
“What ! Is this true ? what I just heard . Just proceed she is a perfect match for you ,which women denies you ” ,she authorized the opening of love. “This is what a friend does when you are in love”, I thought to my self.
“How should I start ? ” ,I asked Christine.
“Just go and ask something about work ,you are the manager here . God ! You haven’t changed from childhood ”, She putting her hands to the head grunted slowly ,bringing her jaws closer to one other.I thought Christine’s advice was not good. I wanted it straight .I went to her.
“ I like you ” I said .
For first time , there was no body around to gossip either , except Christine . She understood and a thank you is something I heard.
“With something evil in his mind ,what a man can speak” , I understood there was a mistake. She thought I was up to something strange. I proposed her . She looked crazy .
She did not spoke to me the whole day. I was frustrated . I thought , to hope for a change tomorrow.
And she about to see me now ,in the hospital that too as a patient . Hoping some sympathy would work out .I was hoping again for some love like a child waiting for his parents to be taken home , after the school hours with making those little eyes larger than ever . Sometimes you know ,life will make you wait for thousands of seconds , for just a right moment and this was the right moment in my life according to me . This was the story of my angel.

He turned another page .On which “Unforgettable day”was written.

Then and After..
The sand raised ,though fierce accompanied by storm of a day , must land on something at last , no matter of the height of it’s flight . Though glooming the light of a day ,must end in the darkened shades of a night. Every coin has it’s two sides , despite chosen side the victorious. Like the truth and the falsehood ,both has place in this world and will hold their positions as long as the word of men stands.
Returning to my life ,Our story is endless to say . Then we purchased a house near to our workplace . The days gave us never ending happiness and our dreams started growing more . They grew to meet our needs . We worked hard to make our future ,look more bright with us loving each other more than ever . Within a year of time , we were a couple of many things including nice cars and hot wheels to roll over everyday .
Then it was the birth of Prince ,my elder daughter .I remember every moments of the day she was born . I was tensed at that time more than anything in my life , every moment is unique in ones life and everything has got it’s own importance .
The days rolled very fast until Amanda gave birth to our younger daughter Nova ,the Super nova I liked to call her with. We were very busy , suiting ourselves to the fast faced trend of the world , increasing clients globally ,increased tensions sleepless nights but we were interested to work as we worked at the beginning of our carriers.
Our world was so confined at that time and it was just fixing it’s boundaries without our notice.
It only consisted of me ,Ana and my only two daughters , including my job. I forgot every thing , I rarely got time to visit the church and to think of my parents ,how they were.
One fine day ,I was in my office , a family was waiting outside my cabin .
They were very strange in their dressing like torn ,rusted with dust , seemed almost like beggars in the streets . There was also a child with them and something dragged my attention was that child her chubby cheeks were with ash and mud . I was moved with pity . They
Were sitting their on that visitors chairs for over three hours or more . They seemed not interested in lunch either .I understood they needed something , they were after some thing. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon after I returned from the lunch ,seeing them still sitting their ,immediately I called Amanda to know what was their business of stay for so long in
the bank. As far as I know no client waited in the bank this late.
Amanda , rushed into my cabin , “They are in very bad situation . And they need immediate recovery of their fund that was deposited as insurance amount to the house. That floods swept off their house , all that was left was themselves and they say they are fortunate to show up here alive .Currently they do not hold a penny with them .They lost their everything in the floods , I mean everything not at least a grain to eat was left there ”.

“Then that shall be granted , why late …?” I asked.

“This case is hooked to a problem of original signed documents missing. Without those documents we can do nothing” , her hands expressed more helplessness than her words.
“See Amanda , It’s the rules we follow ,it’s the work we do .We don’t make decisions ,we just follow the decisions that are already made, send them off . It is of no use making them wait here.”, I told ,though it was rude , I saw many such cases before in my life. I does not wanted really to upset Amanda , but she was hurt before the real persons did.

“Means you cannot do any thing to help them ?” she asked again.

“I nodded a no” , she went out of my cabin aggressively .

It’s common for us , but the girl’s face I could not forget , the way she held her hungry stomach with her hand made me think once again over the case. I took it casually and started to work as usually. “ Sentiments do not make us work ” I saw the line on my worksheet it was ‘Thought of the day’.

Amanda wasn’t there when I was leaving home , as it became late for me working on some pending projects , I thought she might had left before me. And I went home .
At the gate of my house I found those people leaving,I mean coming out of my house.
Amanda giving them send off. I was riddled, what business they might be having in my house, slowing down the car before my house I watched them until they passed the last street light of the street. Went inside Amanda was sitting on the couch with our two children lonely thinking something, everything around was silent . It was not usual thing that happens in my house ,every one was quite . I hanged the car keys to one of the hooks, on the key hooking board and opened the fridge to take out a bottle of cold water in that pin drop silence scenario, a circus looked like a graveyard.

“ Why everyone are silent, why are the children not sleeping ?” , I asked first.
As everyday they used to sleep by this time.

“What happened Amanda ?” I went close to her asking that question , showing reluctance to face me she ,turned out her face.

“Somebody answer me ,ridiculous this is totally crazy , what happened and why they are here ?”
I ripped off my tie ,throwing the blazer on floor. Nova came to me ,

“Daddy did you say ,you did not wanted to help those people who came to your office today” spoke very politely ,as she did always. I looked at Amanda , she was still angry with me ,I think so.
It was for time me to calm their anger,the drama had it’s role playing since half an hour.I need to shut it off . I’m hungry I tried to turn off that topic.

Then suddenly ,

“That girl had a hole in her heart and they wanted the money for her operation ,not for themselves .They were saving it from three years to heal her scorching disease. And you just crash their hope , Send them off…
Vow ! I didn’t such things from you ”. I knew something was emotional there .

“Then what can I do ,what if it’s a game to get the money . Haven’t you seen such cases before ?”
I did not wanted to question her ,but I wish her to think technically .

“For you their pain looked a play ? If it is so ,Don’t you have children ,will not you run for the doctor if your daughter caught just cold. I don’t see why the other children are getting to seem different for you .However, it will not matter to consult you for help . Me and Christine wanted to help them..”

“And how ?” I pinned a point.

“Just simple, I am off the job ” ,but it did not look simple as she told.

“ What do you mean off the job , V.Retirement ! don’t be foolish Amanda ..You can,t just”.

“Can’t just what ? He is the father of a church ,remember if you help other ,there will be , the God to help you . And you shall work alone all the days here after Alone, you got that..”
She was confident about something , may be her intention was to force me to get it done .

“What about Christine , how she will be doing the big helping thing..” , my patience reached peaks into sarcasm.

“She will take loan , a personal lone from the bank. And you will sign the security papers”.
I now knew ,everything got me to perform the action and direction. Something itching in my mind , forcing me to do one thing that Amanda wanted me, to do .She knew I can do this..

I am convinced to do because, when the person you love most in your life asks you to do something ,you should never hesitate. I realized it very late. I picked up the phone without secondary thought she saw me interestingly , I remember that eyeball . And it notices everything in the world ,which is in it’s control .To say ,it’s me, she got her spells on.

I called to Head office , briefing the condition they agreed to sanction the amount which will paid in my guard ,otherwise I would have to repay the entire deposited amount on their behalf . A fair deal , at the moment it looked. I said the same to my wife. She in elation made a phone call to the church ,where the family is taking shelter ,currently.
She asked them to come to our house for the dinner , according to me that’s too much.

I asked why this ? She told me , “The FATHER , is the believer of God .He believes god will help the needy and I’m doing the same. Though I’m not a God , I’ve children. My good deeds should help them on their path .It shall prevent bad eyes having their view on my children, that is what I ask father to do for our family in return. It seemed to be fine for me to “Believe in God”.
They came to our house , then the father spoke.
“ Nothing lasts forever .What makes the humans cry is the need , not the pain remember this. Today you kept the doors of your house open for the needy ,for us to enter and was seen by Him ,the God in heaven .He shall grant you the power of wisdom and avert the loss ,if any ,your family is going to suffer . For which ,the majestic soul shall guard you, with an Angel sent on your behalf ” .
I did not understood the meaning , but those words seemed really Christian . It’s good to hear those type of words for us too. I don’t know what had happened there after, I was totally ill due to the heavy work and went for sleep early that night, to welcome the next day cautiously .

I closed my eyes ,several times .Despite of the more work at the office, I was unable to sleep .All the thoughts were running behind the little girl ,why shall people face such difficulties ,a thought stirred in my head at first. I began to think more about such people .

What used to happen to them , if the help was denied ?
Why do people have to suffer ? They do suffer ,for their false deed an idea aroused. What are the false deeds , if they are so desperate to happen, what is the God doing.
Letting them to happen. No, there is no one to protect , it is you whom you have to save from everything. I was thinking beyond my power of imagination and knowledge and nobody never knew, where and when this train of thoughts will halt ?

Is there any world back in the sky or at depths into the Earth where only punished live ?
If so do they exist , from whom they shall receive orders , whom they bow to ?
“ It shouldn’t be just the ladder and the snake. It should be the Lion on the field ”. And the rule should be of a Moron of Truth .
Closed I , my eyes feeling heavy due to the burden of watching chaos around the world skimming every second in violence .And eye brows clasped each other, as they felt cold for entering into a land , that have no pain.

Why Amanda needed to react much ,though it’s not her problem. Who are responsible for this ? Does living on the earth really meant for banishment ? For every thing in this world there must be an alternative and there is one for the Truthful people alone , where
they live equally. Wait ! I know of such a place ,my daughter know that, even My mother knew that and it is Dream ,I often visit ,every one do.

I figured it out ,in fact I got it after traveling through thousands of thoughts . Why do not one use a dream , for which it is a weapon to hide from everything and live in a land called Truth

He turned the pages enthusiastically , but finding the diary empty there after .
Beside him was sitting Amanda in the back seat of their car , while Christine was driving with his two daughters sitting beside her in the front seats . He just felt pulled out into some other world .Looking at him Amanda held his hand , like ever first time ,she whispered ,

Everything is fine . That world has been banished into dungeon.

His heart found solace in the shade of his love . He smiled . A bad dream ,beautiful ending Christine broomed the silence that they were carrying from their house . They reached finally , his father’s beaming face welcomed them , at the gate.
Their house was a mansion . Children were elated to see their grand parents ,for first time.
Seeing his parents ,after many years he felt his world was there .Grand ma ! Both of his daughters ran towards their grand parents.
Is this our house ? Asked Nova ,very deeply. Yes, my dear . Their grand father hugged the two glowing diamonds of his reign .
Let’s go inside ,his mother mentioned . Every one were happy .

Nova ran back to the car ,to bring her teddy bear .She pulled it ,from the seat then a bag ,full of books fell down .

“ Mommy ! Are these books important? , I’m sorry” , Nova asked . His mother Quill,looked at Amanda .
“Nothing darling ! Just some sheets of incomplete work”. As if it wasn’t her matter of business Nova along with her two sisters ran into the
“ Children ! you cannot interpret what they do ”saying , they chuckled. Amanda has brought the books to narrate the story that happened back in their house , so that J’s parents do not blame her for their misfortune. She went up to the car and picked the diaries ,took them along with her .

But ,suddenly she thought,
“Justin told me their’s was a small house .Then how did the palace came out of nowhere ,something is wrong and I think It started again, let me make sure .”
Feeling hungry saying she too sped into the house ,inspecting
every string around , for her there is lot of story to explain..

But, life is just a path of guessing . It is in our hands to choose the way, that leads us away from worries . Delusions will not leave us to sleep tight. They follow us every where conquering our time and spreading into every possible desire of hunger .

In the hospital:
About half an hour or something ,after Christine made her call some one knocked the door ,Cristine went to the door and opened. A comforting voice came from outside that touched my ears , it was the same .
Wake up you dumb beast she is here”, something from inner side of me was waking me up on hearing from Christine .
I woke up . That was the word we used use when we needed something urgent in childhood.
“How are you feeling”, a brisk of air touched my right ear .And I wasn’t dreaming this time.
“Yeah, not so great . But ,okay” .
“Okay ? You were almost in front of my car’s wheel and thank god ! Nothing wrong happened”, She sounded as if someone close to me , was speaking to me.
“Thank you very much ,Christine .I owe you very much ,for your help.”She hugged Cristine.

Both patted each other like a mother does with her child. It’s all right a friend for help .It is why God gives us with loving friends.Hats off ! , friendship . Long live ! I shouted in my heart.
“It will be all right”,saying Christine left the room sighing me not to worry ,she blinked with a smile. I knew what that meant and wanted to wave her back.But , I cannot with the saline bottle into my hand. So managed that with a smile.
“See ,who will be with us when we needed help”,she sounded with concern .
I said “My loved ones . And I’m not dreaming this time ,with my eyes bright open ,I witnessed her commence into my day , just before . It is my girl who comes for me ” . Receiving a smile from her .
“Yes ,Mr. Name,Justine Name , whatsoever .” Saying she hided her eyes from me.
Little surprised with that question, I realized she was speaking about the accident.

In my head there was something else .If her intention was associated with the secondary meaning or to say , like , hinting me to say something else . My answer would be No.
Who will want to die with his girl knocking him down ,for every second in love ,obviously ,who will wish such death .I kept quite without answering , I just stayed silent.
“What ? ”, she asked . “Did you said something”, she confirmed from me again .
I was battling with the smile and I was unable to hide my simpers. Unknown , what happened to me .I stared at her again ,as I was unable to turn my head other side ,I does not want to look at anything except her .
What this love will do towards the end to me ,I really wanted to know. As a prince awakened from the sleep to see an angel, I thought of my self.then a thought roused in my mind.
I asked her to open my bag which was lying on the table beside my bed. She thought ,I was showing her my wallet to pay the bill. She told it was her fault and she will pay all the medical charges. I was about to say something … something unexpected happened .
She took hand into her hands ,to which saline bottle was connected ,a slight warmish touch.
“ Aww..” I jerked little painfully. Her tears , I was unable to guess what happened around that made her cry.
“Stop , crying Amanda .”I pleased .These words came from my mouth instantaneously .
I understood one thing at that time love isn’t an attractive thing as every one thinks , the real meaning hides somewhere and it is called Caring for one another . We were at it’s peak now.
“ It wasn’t my intention , to hit you at all ”, she in a weeping voice replied.
“That is why it has been referred as an accident ,you don’t see it ! ”, saying I picked my bag and opened the small box . She braced her mouth closing it with both hands ,having looked into the velvet covered tiny box. Tears drifted down like a water fall from her widened eyes. She was more beautiful than ever even while she was crying. The box was having a RING .
I just lifted myself up onto the bed sitting erect . “Will you hold this hand forever …..”
She nodded down like a Big Yes ! On my face..And I was in no mood to take this episode further.

“Thank you , you see everything has it’s destiny to meet. But you are not just my destiny ,you are the valuable gift of my life . And if I die , I wish to die in your hands .” I don’t know when I invited
my tears to join the party. She kissed me on the fore head , I thank God for putting me front on that road, so that she could hit me . It might seem little greedy but she was that beautiful ,and becoming more fairer than ever day by day . I recovered With in one month of time from that day. We were in a hurry to get married …
And got it done in the very next month . Nothing can stop you , when it is for the love.
One thing was sure,

“Yes ,

Live by dream……

“What would you say? About a dream .Is it a feeling , an emotion or an image ,expressing ideas and thoughts involuntarily , while we sleep ? ”Amanda questioned straightly to Joseph , father of Justine . A strange question one would ask, after being met so many years later . Joseph looked at Amanda ,
perplexed .
“ Is anything wrong ? ” he asked her putting aside the coffee cup on the table and started a walk with her backside the house on the patio.
Not knowing, where to start and what to say , fearing about Justin’s present condition ,she was really annoyed of everything gathering around. She wanted Joseph to answer some of her questions and explain to him what was going all around .
To make them understand why she chose Joseph’s house , to bring back her husband to reality ,from his dreams. Her tension was clearly seen on her face.
Justin’s father, from past few years was working on the name of the god, in a church in his village ,helping people with everything he can. Since , he cannot maintain their family business alone . He sold everything , keeping the mansion to himself and decided to live until he has last breathe to spare on this Earth. Only a few workers would be coming for daily services now .
He was living his life , along with his wife secure and in seclusion. She remembered this much about J’s parents ,when he used to tell her about his child hood.
From those words ,she was having a little hope so that , father could understand his son , while no one believed her words .Besides all of them from whom she expected help , took a stand in a spectator window .

“ Believe me he wasn’t being himself ,from over a past month. He scared us all ,very much. Girls were unable to sleep at night ,they are small .Those hearts are little to take all this .So ,father I decided to be here ”, She started with deep voice with no energy at all. Her bitter voice explained everything she experienced .

“ Steady , My dear! you got me, just stay cool ” stopping on the way,he said looking into her eyes .
She confirmed nodding her head up and down ,
“Now listen carefully , I wanted to know what had happened everything , back in that house . I would plan something to control things. Okay ! ”.

She did not even waited for a second ,starting immediately ,
“He used to stay awake in the nights and whisper something in sleep , do you believe in things like that, He doing them all ? ”.
This showed how desperately she was waiting for such help.

“ I don’t think Amanda . He got a strong will ” He peered at the pigeons in the sky with a great difficulty and continued , observing a change in their behavior as they were screeching differently ,
“That made him to live far away from us. I mean Us ,me and Quill You know how much he wishes to be with his mother all the time . To live in a dream , will not be the whole idea . There are some interactions that would have affected him very intensely .Let us take him to the church today , I think it’s been a long time he stayed away from God ”.

The scent of the Lillie's , Golden shower tree and Ixora were so brightening the evening walk of Amanda and Joseph , around the patio of the house , which was a thick pass through the garden that possessed a large variety of flowers under the blueish clear sky.

She thought the flowers were not brought from the real world . Yes , if not this a dream, who would bring a flowering tree that too a Golden shower tree ,all the way from Hawaii to showcase them alongside ones patio .It is almost inconsiderable and foolish too. She looked at the sky, bewildered , she anticipated and found .

“ Don’t think as in real , Joseph. Everything around you is just an illusion ”.

YOU ARE IN YOUR SON’S dream , most probably we are in his control now” , saying this she led the way into the house seeing the clouds , Quiver in fear.

Thunders bolted down to the earth in the broad day light . It was sudden and alarming Amanda ,that something dreadful was going to happen .
It is a sign , she understood , the dream was shaping , unexpected and early than what she thought it to be.
“What is this ?”, Joseph was looking at the sky from the windows of the house , he was viewing something that is unnatural and was completely in confusion ,never saw such thing happening before.
But inside the house it was regular , no thunders nothing , everything was all right .It means Justin was up to something .

“ Wait , I wanted to clear something ,right now …..” Hearing the rumbling of thunders Joseph shouted at Amanda ,they were near the window waiting to see what shape the Sky is going to turn up into ,as it was already covered by darkish black-textured blue clouds. Adding to much of their surprise , a graveyard was set in the backyard .

“Steady Joseph ,neither you nor me are real .Neither will be these grave’s .So no need to be frightened ”he looked at her ,completely fused out.

“Wait ,wait …, wai…t .We are in my house, which is not real and is the dream of my son and he does not know he is dreaming .To say, he is .Am I right ?”

“Yep ! Now you are proving that, you are the Father to your son Joseph”. she smiled showing her sorrow, in the face .
He sat on the floor , holding his forehead with both his hands.

“ Oh ! Christ ,what have I done, why me?”With his eyes raining the tears, he knelt before the Statue of Christ . She handed a diary over to him…taking the book into his hands he opened the very pages of it , looking into every word keenly .
He cried at his disability failing to look after his son ,for which his entire family was suffering then. His tears touched a page ,then that book no longer adhered to his hands. It fell out of his hands ,So his hope along with the diary has fallen, disturbing the resting dust on the floor ,that came to his aid at that unfortunate hour of despair.
They were in a situation ,that nobody would ever learn of them again. Trapped in an unknown cage , they were suffocating for no known reason. They did not know why they were abandoned in this folded dream .To know why ,only Amanda can dare to reach because ,she knew his plots better than anyone did .

“Father don’t cry , hope is the thing we need now .Let’s hope for miracle to take us back into Him ,let His hands find us and adopt us into His awesomeness , for we no need to suffer the arrogance of darkness any further .Oh Lord ! I pray you ,as your daughter, I need your shine, as I was in it’s need always….. Amen ”, Amanda tried to offer solace to the soul of Joseph ,who was lost in the unbelievable behavior of his son .

“ Joseph ,listen to me. We have to find him , I haven’t seen him since we landed here. Oh ! I will find him, you take rest . Don’t worry God is with us” ,saying she left the room in search of Justin. He picked up the diary and leaning on to a chair ,gaining support , he stood up .

“I should not abandon them …”, he told to himself .
And began to think about it .Suddenly , he rubbed his eyes,with sleeves of his shirt , something got into his brain. An idea would help them now.
Hearing Amanda, calling out for Justin, he went to her .
“What father ? ”She asked him in low voice ,searching around for Justin.
He showed her the label of the diary , it said Live By Dream…

“Amanda .. Let us think how he thinks .For some time let us be Justin I hope this book, the diary will solve that problem for us” , he was fully excited with that idea. First of all ,we need to find a place where we could read it nicely, I knew of a place.

“This is my house girl , I will have something like that every time ” .Both smiled, thinking they discovered for themselves, something huge like a mummy in the desert.

Joseph took her along with him to a room cornered away from every other door ,it was like prehistoric door which was having many signs ,ancient emblems carved on it ,just below the stairs ,no chance anybody would be coming that way .
It is safe, for experiments. She refrained from going into the door . For a second she thought , whether Joseph is being manipulated by Justin ,that scorched her head. If she does a mistake .She permanently will be having nothing that is called tomorrow in her life.

She knew belief is the key for everything ,so she thought to persuade into that door blindly , she wanted to be cautious also.
On entering the room dusty shelves ,spider webbed walls ,stinking curtains welcomed them .It looked Sun shine was almost forfeited from entering that room.

“ Oh ! Glorious room isn’t it ”, She exclaimed .

“ This one is perfect to get lost ” , they looked at each other ,everything in that room was in the shade.
Finding some chairs to sit ,Joseph broomed them with his waist coat .
“ Have a seat ” , he invited Amanda to sit beside him.
They opened the diary ,

January 27th ,2013 :The continuation

Whenever we have a crazy or wild dream ,we want to know what it means , But I wanted to dream something on my own . Because I had this crazy dream last night. That girl , with whom I haven’t spoken a word came to visit me in my office .

That too ,without any appointment ,as if she was Amanda .I was appalled . She spoke mysteriously. She acknowledged me that it was a dream and wanted me to be her ,for once . So we switched our places for one night ,that was yesterday .

I was with her parents ,in her disguise.But ,surprisingly I was wearing a trouser and a shirt , as usual as in reality , but were green in color. We were like in a small room ,a pace of medicine was scenting in there .It seemed My body was in motion, might be on some mobile vehicle .

I realized it as in her cold body , I was feeling the fresh air breezing outside very fast .The girls father and some people were in that room, I mean in that vehicle along with me. They were all crying , I mean her family members in front of me, I did not understood why ? It looked like someone was dead . Then ,they took me outside of that carrier , it was a car no it was not a car .I think it is a van with red color bulb buzzing on top of it and was emitting light intensely .A siren was also sounding on it.

Then I realized.
It was no ordinary van ,it was a death van ,an Ambulance . That carries dead patients from the Hospital to their home .I was confused , in she dead ? Which means I was invited by her to stay in her dead body ……..
I woke up immediately from sleep, I was in consternation and followed by utter confusions. That dream makes no sense at all.
Then phone was ringing ,it was like mid night , I looked at the watch , switching the lights on , 2:34 am the tickling clock did not stopped working, it seemed unaffected though I disturbed it. Rubbing my eyes ,I looked the other side of my bed ,Amanda was sleeping quietly .Then I decided to take the call myself.

“Hello ! ”, it said ,voice was little unclear from that side ,I thought they were in a hurry.
Because ,no body calls this late, at night .

“ Is this Mrs.Name I’m speaking to ?” , a male voice spoke ,again in a hurry.

“ Yeah , this is her house ,but see, this is no time to call ,Mr…. Whatsoever, please call in the morning”, saying I was going cut the line but suddenly, a firm voice probably of a young man I think spoke ,

“Mr. Name , this is important , Hello ! Are you there ?” I waited a second to reply ,

what the …,thinking I replied.
“Yeah, speak up” , this was turning strange ,because someone whoever might be calling first he asked for Amanda ,then he was willing to speak to me and finally he didn’t call me on my mobile and he ringed to the land connection ,which me or Amanda will be using only for business purpose . I realized if not something serious there could be ….

“If I am correct , I’m speaking to the Prudential Life Insurance Company associative manager Mr. Names presently …”, the person on the phone was confirming once again. Nice tactic to make the caller get rid of the sleep ,I thought the caller must be a professional personnel or a receptionist .My guess was correct.

“Excuse Me , it is not Names , just name ,I mean my name ”, confirming that I was conscious.

“I’m sorry .I’m Dr. Wright, from St.Louis children specialty Hospital . I’m speaking on behalf of a patient joined in our clinic, yesterday by …..”He paused “Mr. Name can you hang on for a second , I will check on the details ” , he spoke.

“Take your time ”, I’ve told that to him. I was like, hit by a Cold storm , my head cooled down first ,then that coldness of fear passed right from head into every part of my body along the back bone down into the hands and legs , I knew what he was going to say.

I ….. I knew it earlier than any one did .
But how ,was it a ghostly apparition at midnight. I was close to something and I can understand it and was on verge of a belief about what was happening around me. Waiting for that person to speak , I stood there with a little trepidations ,still holding the phone.
“Ah.., Mr. Name .The patient named Stacey Langley , whom your wife ,I suppose , had joined has expired , as mentioned earlier it stood a very critical case to handle ,this is much I could tell you now ,If you wish Sir , you could come over here tomorrow and we will hand over all the details to you . Sorry for disturbing Sir”, with regards he had cut the line. He was very happy to tell something hard, I thought .
Meanwhile, I did not notice Amanda was up , wanted to explain her everything .But, something hooked me down. Doesn’t wanted her to run this night for the girl. I thought the girl wanted me to do something .She was off the bed ,while I was thinking .

“Wait , where are you going ? ”I asked her guessing she might have heard the conversation .Lifted the right thumb up ,she sighed as to drink some water…
I watched her walk towards the fridge ,she opened the door and took out a water bottle to drink .I took a deep breathe looking at the Christ’s photo hanged on to the wall , shining in light of ZERO watt bulb.

Did not notice her but ,in a blink of a second she was standing by my side, with mouthful of water .She raised her eye brows high ,
might be asking why did not I sleep and really did not want to make her sad with the bad news ,so kept quiet and showed her the bed ,to go and sleep . Looking into my eyes puzzled ,she went straight for the bed and dozed off .
My heart was broken that night, I received the call , what was this. I Was thinking how, Amanda would react ,as she even fought with me to get them help and now every of her effort has gone in the flow of life. Leaving me nothing except , to speculate about that.
Why was Amanda so touched about them, if not this girl found me in dreams , I still used stay amused .I understood it’s of goodness and it will stand to fight everything to win it’s word .
I promised that very moment, I will search every corner of this world to find this girl and the reason ,why was she taken away. As, I can hear now, she calling me in to the dream to tell me what she was doing in my body that night, on which she died . I promise to my self ,I will find me when I will be awakened.

Finding no sleep , I almost took the shade of thoughts that night . Searching for answers ,why that dream was woven ,I began to think ,every inch in detail.
Not ,interested in work . A week past , not seemed interested in eating or sleeping either all the thoughts were around her .Now I , is a stooped wraith unable to focus my eyes , bathe myself or walk . A visible spirit ,I became then after .
Amanda was very much disturbed about my situation as she started visiting the church everyday . I don’t get a thing with the people,because it is them ,not the god to change . Somehow she came to know about the girl’s death and to much of my surprise ,she did not react ,I mean she did not spoke a word about the little one . I hated that attitude in people.

They go for credits first and after every thing is over, they forget it that’s human nature . I made my ,will strong . Nothing so , shall not happen in future . So I started to wander alone ,but not in this world , in a world where no pain shall be seen.
It will scare any one, to know what I found in those thoughts . It will make you weak, the thought of a dream . Then makes you understand ,that every second is related to another ,like every person meet in a single place after death , there will also be a place where they meet unconscious, alive, even unknown people would collide there and that place responsible for impractically gained knowledge is called
a Dream, in modern terms.

Quill ,wife of Joseph ,had brought two cups of coffee along with the coffee pot , which brought them back again into the world of her son . However , she did not wanted to guess what was happening.

“ Well folks! It’s time for a break ”,she spoke in a courteous manner .

“Thank you ! My lady , you can leave now and don’t forget to call us for dinner ,alright ?”

He told to her , waking from his son’s portray of the dream. She stood up to take a steady breathe…

So, it is the Start ”…Both ,looked at each other.
“ We haven’t started our journey Joseph .It’s yet to begin ”she complemented his bravery.

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