Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Last Refuge..

The way you walk ,
Is the way as the river swifts down  cursing the blaze on the firm hill.
With the colour's of sounding Heavens,
Making peaceful musical notes around the ,
My heart RINGING the bells Of Christmas.
Him eyes get elated ,to see She in the Thousand framed Slow motion picture,
As the nature's smile at Him,similar to the enthusiastic painting portrait by Angel's.

You recite in my life,
And cherish my pleasures with care,
But  they ll my thoughts just breaks down  as flakes of DREAMS.
SO,the truth must not be denied,how hard may be it to the heart,
That I'M bleated in blood On your CRush
But I'm also happy to Contend you in prior my leaving.
Can't you find me no more ,just as the Dusk can't REACH THE dAWN.

The mighty sky slapped my Face with the THunder,
And the fairy rain split in my eyes.
Because ,eyes still wants to hold on toyou,
As they forgot,
                    "Beauty of sunset can be seen only for  a second of the entire Day"

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