Saturday, 7 July 2012


Stab the heart ,why do you wait on it to pursue your course..,
As it was your aim at me
To do as so much i could cut my heart into pieces.
Pretend to be unknown, wasn't my prOfession as you see but with your heart..
To explain my thirst was  ,  DIFFICULT.
Yes,it was enough difficult as your  thoughts through my dreams have such woven,
Like my life had it's touch with its destiny....
Where do you still think   I am  going to play this game ,
Called "Hide from me to seek not your  love ,
But your trust .....When?"
YOU see " My   heart is  passion enough to urge its dive into your DREAMS.."
Whenever my eyes as they float for you ..
In your empire of style,compassion,youth,greedy nerves..,
They collapse  the distance between us ..
It gave the sense of the almighty touch,
With a play of poems to conquer my Feelings.,
When   you are aboard on my heart ..
The wind brings its reasons to touch  you with a smile.....

FLowers are floating for you my heart
Please Come colleCt them...
 Because ,HIM  heart says it don't wants to wait a second for SHE'S arrival...............
                                                             BY a SPY.....

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