Saturday, 21 July 2012


The walls of road ,shall be honoured
Souls of pain reach to decree the Vengeance
Soon, very  soon...
It might be punished,YOur sin.

But cannot the past is that would suffer
May not the future is Paused at the storm break.
All is harmed is  the presence to Arose my people...
As the breeze of blood wasn't listed in the Flavour of Hunting.
It was the scent of Jest..
Fasten the every light in your path,
So the warriors are brightened with the golden Gesture  of Lanthern.
They come YOu the  whole as they bring you the soul.of Mother's GLory..

Long LIve warriors !
 AS the History Starves for YOu to encript Itself, 
WIth the INk  that shall never fade..

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