Saturday, 21 July 2012


Bringing the catostrophe , you unlimb the Mountains of my feelings..
So many languages the Mind of me can soup,
Neither it recognised the ascent  of your words
Nor It Maps  your Precise smile to its Way...
Why was you await whaen incarved love of mine was portrayed ..on walls of my World.

Raw feel on me Is what your eyes suspect me Off.
Knowing alone is the Way that I should take back home,
You selfish made me through half path at you reach..
Alone is you,
Abondoned my ship with Something broken in the chest of me.

Were you still awake and asouled as it was darkened night,
without your breathe  on chilling breeze of active Life.
Praising your return home,
Is the diseases ,for medication I required..

I am Unbroken piece of pearl in the lane of shine..
waitng for you to be worn...

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