Saturday, 21 July 2012


With the thunders  wrapping Around you.
You move accompaining the hopes of thousands.
Venturing the sounds of clash louder untill it reach our ears , you fiGHt.
What cresents you desire other than our fineness...
 Roaming alone in your shadows , I WRITE your rememberence...

To hear goodness , as the song you revolute at the stakes of Time...
So the fire you praise and raise in our hearts ,at our a-home,
Is the burning reason,We donate our seconds of the glorius worship,
To your feet to be written and marked with blood in the Historian Bilble.

You the fearless,
Chanting your names wil the songs be Woven in the thoughts of Poets .....
Hope my Pen hs bought thousand lif'e pryers from  god TO ACCord your biography.

I dream of you every click of the clock,
So you shine as the sparking Sun througjh the foam of suppression..

Need not worry my brothers.....They hold Our Flag ....
No need to doubt ,they own the War at our side..
Roaming awake to wake the your shadows..
I WRITE your rememberence....

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