Sunday, 8 July 2012


If I work incessantly ,i may  find the clues for the Mystery behind the reality.
From the dark ,there can be light.
Even  insect  covered by the soul of the grand stone,
feels warm   in the death chilled icy-waters.
Mountains whose peaks solemnly invisible to naked human eye,
 Covered In the stowed dark slithering snowy clouds,can be seen only by who rows the death with powerful armoury.
As it's peaks speaks by transcending their power of its soulful water,
To the flourishment of greatest dynasties at its feet  by cutting its own arms flowing down as un-known.
When a star know's  it is going to die,
Who's help it can seek.
If the cause is a tomorrow can only be brought by it's strategic Mysteroius DEATH.
Who is going to  DIE? If life is a trap.
If life is a trap,which rabbit has the Herculion guts to tear the FOrtune With roar of its Sword.
How can i rise against my own DEath.
If All  that i can change the world is just for a crash !
Who's going to drown in the heart of destruction.
So i decided me ,to  be MYSELF  as it was before.
God's whispersd with this dying body  that" A Start is needed .But......... ,"

Dear dearest soul ,
                           GRACIOUS ! soon meet an" END TO START BY"...
  BY a spy...

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