Monday, 9 July 2012

Last words of a SOLDIER

Regards to mother....,
The flesh of yours ,is the body i live with and is binding me with your  Hunger..
I see today you have least relations to bother,
ALL these newer days ,your fingers are getting timid as they can't hold it any more this SIN.
As the blood on the face of your sons and daughters You see.
Brings the Tears  of past in our eyes...MOther

The gift of you,to me the first birthday present is  to realise and propagate me towards my destinic freedom.
As this Idea has taken birth through my heart to FLEE You from the clutches of deadly imperilistic demon .
Don't You worry the demon which is a weed in my farm,
With the blessings of your sonsin the Heaven  it will get crushed.
In field when i plough my farm called Nation ,with the Blood you gave.And is like burning fire.....
As my blood has only one colour,so are my eyes have one dream...
Which I dream of Everyday till You are FREED.

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