Saturday, 7 July 2012

A HELP OF THE "dream"

The dream that you dream,must be  Desire.
Now that DESire  is YOUR hope,
SO as the WEApon is your dream and in born the dream is the AIM.
The weapon is the Armour,is the strange protector of your courage..

War you raise is must a win and  a Victory.
As they say it,"God's stands in the arm of the warrior who shows,
the Valour of his Weapon,that is the Dream".
The only soul that is joyous even at the war, is your's the Bravest.
Remember nothing easy nor the victory,
Every thing is as hard so the "Curse of the Hunger".

A Dream is the voyage of the thought to the Courage.
A run towards enemy,To welcome his death with his blood.
A fear full dark that you forces seek for " Shadow of the LIGHT "
Oh! warrior!
 Your destiny awaits your  commence,To lend you it's way towards the THUNDER of  magic.
Pray the gods to untie your soul with  all your earthly relations.
Ask to unite your heart with your dreams to fight.
You are
The one with toughest soul in the clutches of these unbravely insecure heARts   .
Realise the glory that comes with DEath.
The death shall be remembered  for the last of the HIstory of your HEART,          
COME you are the reason of a revolt to your Destiny,
And i am the WAY,the GODDESS ,who woke your dreams....

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